Mission Statement

Nowadays a challenging, unprecedented and fast transformation in universal perspective of community and organizational practices is predominantly perceivable right from our routine chorus to the standardization of national and global institutions. In the process of coping with this universal phenomenon of change our society, more often, focuses narrowly either on extending technology or on revising social practices and policies. Therefore the necessity of our age is to prepare competent professionals in all walks of life for evolution of integrated understanding of human needs and their relationships to technology in computation – cognition, communication – community and moreover, for synthesizing human oriented principles to technological advancement.

Adharshila Universe aims at inculcating skills and exploratory experiences that enable its inmate professionals to search their fullest potential as independent thinkers. Here a climate of expectations and success is encouraged, realistic targets are referred and every assistance is provided in achieving them.We strive to enhance the faith and spiritual values, students first acquired in their homes, with due respect to the dignity of the individual person and sensitive to the needs of a diverse society. Committed to the highest   standards of academic excellence, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best possible education for our students by developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills essential for life. We insist to initiate such professionals of different disciplines who will rigorously transform their theoretical concepts and the applied knowledge on the practical ground for the sublime evolution of mankind and with their critical and normative perspective they will show their constructive capabilities with distinction in the academic and professional world emerging as leaders of modern global and cosmopolitan society on the national as well as international horizon. We welcome, enforce and encourage healthy relationship among students, parents and staff.

The professional courses at our Adharshila Universe will produce prudent professionals who — can convey their ideas effectively in contemporary context of modern life; can understand modern technological and scientific type of empirical and objective implementation and its relationship with social, political, legal and economic systems; can think strategically, creatively and critically and can solve problems in professional purview coping with the change in the contemporary world. They foster intellectual pursuits and stimulating networking for personal and professional growth in cosmopolitan community.